Happy Butter Ghee

Our small batch Organic Ghee is proudly made by us here in glorious Devon. We source only the best Organic ingredients and hand churn our Ghee to the highest standards.

Happy Butter is a small Devon based artisan company making soil association certified organic ghee from UK organic butter. Our ghee is made in a traditional way in small batches to ensure quality and taste. We started making the ghee at home for ourselves to use for cooking for health reasons.  Rupert was searching for food that could improve Kate's Thyroid health and had read that using vegetable, nut and seed oils in high temperature cooking could become harmful to health and started making ghee to replace them with. We now make that same homemade quality ghee on a slightly larger scale. This quality and taste has been appreciated by the judges at Great Taste Awards, who awarded us two stars for our Organic Ghee in 2017 and 2 stars for our Organic Golden Turmeric Ghee in 2018. In 2017 we were successful in the Taste of the. West awards where we won Champion of Dairy in 2017 for our Golden Turmeric Ghee as well as Gold for both products. We have won Gold again in 2018 for both our Ghee and Golden Turmeric Ghee

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